Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course in Worli & Bandra

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, it also including
marketing on mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium like social media.
As mobile and internet usage is increasing day by day in India and all over the world, digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life.
In simple words marketing of products and services through digital media is referred as Digital Marketing OR Online Marketing.

What you will get with this digital marketing course?

  • FREE Google Adwords Certification
  • FREE Google Analytics Certification
  • FREE Website & Hosting
  • LIVE Projects with Budget

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Fees- 23,500/- Only | Installment & Group Discount Available

In-Depth Knowledge | LIVE Accounts with Budget

Module 1- SEO

Learn Advanced On-Page, Off-Page Optimization & Google Search Console and more...

Module 2- SMO

Learn Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Hootsuite & more...

Module 3- Google Adwords

Learn Google Adwords Leading PPC Application with Remarketing, MCC, Conversion & more...

Module 4- Google Analytics

Learn Advanced Reporting Tool with Goals, Filters, Custom Alerts, UTM Values and more.

Module 5- Affiliate Marketing

Learn How to Earn Money using Affiliate Marketing

Module 6- Email Marketing

Learn How to Send Bulk Email using List Building Techniques...

Module 7- Mobile Marketing

Learn How to Promote your Mobile Website & Apps on Display Network

Module 8- ORM

Learn Online Reputation Management, How to Protect Your Brand from Negative Reviews

Module 9- Google Webmaster Tools

Learn How to Manage Your Website in Google Search Console, How to Add Sitemap & more...

Module 10- Infographics Marketing

Learn How to Create Infographic to Convert Normal Content to Engaging Content ...

Module 11- Media Buy/Sell

Learn How to Select Right Media for your Client...

Module 12- eCommerce Marketing

Learn What is eCommerce Marketing & How to Use it

Module 13- Webinar Marketing

Learn How to Promote your Products/Services through Webinar Marketing...

Module 14- Digital Stratergy

Learn How to Start your Digital Marketing Agency Business from A to Z ...

Module 15- Viral Marketing

Learn What is Viral Marketing & How to Use it...

Module 16- List Building

Learn What is the Role of List Building in eMail Marketing & How to use it...

Module 17- Blog Making

Learn How to Create Professional Looking Blog...

Module 18- WhatsApp Business

Learn How to use WhatsApp for Business in a Right Way...

Module 19- LIVE Streaming

Learn How to Create LIVE Streaming for Business...

Module 20- Lead Generation

Learn How to Create Effective Landing Page for Lead Generation...

Module 21- Bonus Tools

Learn 5 Extra Bonus Tools in Digital Marketing...

Module 22- Freelancing Techniques

Learn How to Get Freelancing Projects from Online Websites...

Module 23- Design Graphic

Learn How to Create Professional Looking Graphic for Digital Marketing...

Module 24- Video Creation

Learn How to Create Video's for Digital Marketing...

Module 25- Quora Marketing

Learn How to Promote your Products/Services on Quora...

Rs, 23,500/- Only

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Get FREE Google Adwords, Google Analytics Certification...

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FAQ's of the course

The Skills required are very basic like:
Basic knowledge of using Internet.
Basic knowledge of using Email, Social Media.
In simple words, anyone who uses smartphone OR Internet, can learn Digital Marketing..

Any Student, Business owner, Self employed, Entrepreneur, startup, Male / Female, Student to Professionals, housewives to
retired Persons, Any Teenage / Adult / Old Persons can learn Digital Marketing.

No Minimum qualification required, any 10th OR 12th passed, Undergraduate OR Graduate from any field can learn.

Candidate can do different courses depending upon its choice like:
Weekday Batches:Tuesday to Friday (2.5 Month’s)
Weekend Batches: Saturday & Sunday ( 3-4 Month’s).

Once you have the desired skills, you can apply as Digital Marketing Executive OR SEO / SEM Executive OR Google adwords / PPC
Executive in companies.

As the number of Smart phone users and Internet users are increasing in India and all over the world, the Digital Marketing
Career has immense potential.

From Small to Big E-commerce Startups like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, PayTM etc.
Small companies to Big Corporates
Banking, manufacturing, services, Media Industry Public sector companies, Government Institutions, etc.
Most of the organizations require Digital Marketing Professionals due to increase in Digital Media.

Group Discount Available...